Source code for henson.exceptions

"""Custom exceptions used by Henson."""

__all__ = ('Abort',)

[docs]class Abort(Exception): """An exception that signals to Henson to stop processing a message. When this exception is caught by Henson it will immediately stop processing the message. None of the remaining callbacks will be called. If the exception is caught while processing a result, that result will no longer be processed. Any other results generated by the same message will still be processed. Args: reason (str): The reason the message is being aborted. It should be in the form of "noun.verb" (e.g., "provider.ignored"). message: The message that is being aborted. Usually this will be the incoming message, but it can also be the result. """ def __init__(self, reason, message): """Initialize the class.""" super().__init__(reason) self.message = message